American Shuttle is a service for families and business's needing Non-Emergency Medical Transportation. 


We're in the business of assisting people who's Health has been compromised, and want to get where they need to go.  We provide quality, safe and timely wheel-chair accessible and sedan service for you, your family members, friends or clients.

American Shuttle LLC :

  • Is licensed with Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA)

  • Is insured well above state minimum requirements

  • Transports individuals and families throughout the state of Michigan

  • Is capable of  billing most insurance companies, including auto, workers compensation, and health insurance

  • Is familiar with and servicing all local doctors offices, clinics, physical therapy, senior centers, medical facilities and hospitals

We accept cash or credit cards and will provide invoicing upon request

Tom Brannon - Owner

Grand Blanc resident Tom Brannon opened a refrigeration business shortly after he turned 18. Twenty years later, he sold his refrigeration business and became a multiple party store owner. Life was good, he was financially comfortable, and he was enjoying the rewards of entrepreneurship.

But an unexpected curve ball came his way and Brannon’s life turned upside down instantly when he was in a car accident that disabled him. He required many surgeries on his leg, and, eventually, after five years of attempts to save it, doctors told Brannon amputation was the only option left for him.

In the meantime, his party stores were left unattended, and robberies were rampant, “In one week alone, I was hit seven times,” he recalls. The absentee owner had no choice but to sell his businesses.

He was at the lowest point in his life. He had gone from having it all to having nothing, and did not know how to handle this new situation.

“I felt like my life was over,” he says. “I fell into a deep depression and didn’t know how to climb out. What does a person do with only one leg?”

Brannon struggled to learn to walk again with his new prosthetic leg, but finally, he picked himself up and decided it was time to do something with his life.

“I answered an ad for a shuttle driver with American Shuttle, and the next thing I knew, I was the company’s owner,” he says. The previous owner was ready to retire, and Brannon had two successful businesses under his belt. The timing and fit couldn’t have been more perfect.

“I’m a handicapped man helping handicapped people,” he says with a subtle smile.


Providing non-emergency medical transportation typically only requires one to have a chauffeur's license.  At American Shuttle, we believe that requirement falls short and go the extra mile to ensure the safety when moving people that are already struggling to move themselves.


We will continue to surpass industry standards by requiring our drivers to pass criminal background checks, complete First Aid and CPR Training in addition to maintaining a chauffeur's license with an exceptional driving record.

Our driver credentials include:

  • Assisting passengers with disabilities

  • Passing background checks & drug testing

  • Clean bill of health through their healthcare provider

  • PASS certified through CTAA

  • HIPPA Compliant

  • Drivers training including NCS Defensive Driving Course

  • Mandatory State-Issued Chauffeurs license

  • Perfect driving record

  • Current CPR/First Aid/AED certified

  • Wheelchair securement training

  • Professional manners & appearance


Priding ourselves in maintaining a very clean, late model fleet, our units are fully ADA compliant.

Our Vehicles:

  • Are inspected annually by a state-certified mechanic

  • Are inspected, washed, cleaned routinely

  • Contain fire extinguishers & First Aid Kits

  • Have safety belts & tie downs on all wheelchair accessible vehicles

  • Are capable of transporting 4-6 passengers safely & comfortably

  • Equipped with two-way communication for the driver.